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GoDaddy CEO: Guns Down Elephant

I, along with many others, am outraged at the latest antics of the GoDaddy.com CEO, Bob Parsons, who is very unapologetic about his nightime slaughter of an elephant. Bob seems to think that the end justifies the means here - hundreds of villagers were fed. However, upon further investigation, another video has been uncovered that features Bob gunning down a leopard. And I highly doubt the leopard ended up on anyone's dining table.

Apparently however, there is hope for mankind as Bob's slaughter has caused some 20,000+ people to leave GoDaddy.com. Could it be that justice will be done here once it hits ole Bob in the pocketbook? One can only hope. It's almost as bad as Sarah Palin, who gunned down a mother bear with two cubs trailing behind her from a helicopter. Wow, that's some real feat there, Sarah. She saw the two cubs, shot the mother - and then the cubs were gathered and sent to a sanctuary. Gee, thanks Sarah. You've taken two wild bear cubs and relinquished them to a life of captivity. You can see Sarah's love of nature here.

I don't know about you, but I am outraged and what is taking place on our planet. After all, this is MY planet, too. I am a member of the NRDC and I have just recently been notified, along with thousands of others, that Congress has recently behaved nefariously regarding the gray wolf population here in the states. Somehow, in the dead of night mind you, Congress managed to override the endangered species act and opened up the gray wolf population to slaughter.

Additionally, the buffalo population near Yellowstone National Park has also come under fire as well as the wild mustang population out west. They are now rounding up hundreds of buffalo that wander outside the sanctuary of the park and slaughtering them. They have also just rounded up some 400+ wild mustangs and sent them to China. Their future? Dog food.

Again, reminding everyone that this is OUR PLANET, too . . . do the people not have a say in this senseless slaughter beginning to take place in this country and elsewhere? Personally, I do not have any children, however, if I did - I'd like for them to see wild buffalo, wild mustangs and wild gray wolves roaming free. Do you not want the same for your children?

And for those complaining about damage being done by these creatures, which they feel somehow justifies their slaughter, might I mention that if we did not continually encroach and spread like cancer across this planet into these creatures free roaming territories - we might not have this problem. If you're going to farm in gray wolf territory . . . why do you feel that you should not have to deal with the gray wolf repercussions of that? Why is it the wolves fault and not the fault of man? Why are the wolves bearing the sole responsibility instead of man - the one's encroaching upon their territory?

It's a sad day when wild, free roaming creatures that have every right to be here, just as we do, are being slaughtered to make man's life easier. Not only are they being slaughtered, they're being forced to live their lives in very small territories where it's safe - which is usually park lands.

You know, there once was a day when the buffalo roamed the entire western territories free. There once was a day when witnessing wild mustangs frolicing on the prairie took your breath away. There once was a day when the gray wolf roamed free and wasn't on the endangered species list. And who is responsible for all of these devastating changes? Man. Plain and simple. Mankind. If it's in our way, if it's hindering us and our cancer-like spread over this earth, if it's creating any kind of problem - we simply do away with it. We don't look for remedies for everyone and everything to live in harmony - we simply push the delete button.

I firmly believe that it is possible for a society to live as one with nature and I can only hope that I live long enough to see that day come. And again, I don't know about you - but I am sickened by all of this. If you'd like to make a difference, please consider joining the NRDC as they fight the good fight to keep man and this planet in balance. And for those of you that believe that money is necessary to do so, well in many cases, you're correct, donations are needed.

However, YOUR VOICE is sometimes all it takes. Speak up, be loud, be heard - power to the people, folks.

Our power is in our numbers and our voices can rise above the din. I've included this video in a previous article, however, it seems fitting to be included here as well. Power to the people . . . stand up and be heard.

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Anonymous said...

These are just more examples of humans thinking we are at the top of the food chain. Dominating nature and forcing it to fit our wants. But remember nature always finds a way to reign in an "out of control" species, and humans are not exempt.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information about the Godaddy Founder Ms. Mirror! I happen to have a Godaddy account and am cancelling it. I am switching to another hosting company because I do not want to support this kind of company with a 28% shareholder that thinks this kind of assault on wildlife is okay. As you say, wildlife really belongs to all of us (not just Parsons) living on the planet. We humans ought to be protecting the fragile ecosystem and the remaining wildlife trying to live on it, not attacking and killing them! I didn't like Godady anyway so it's time for a change, and I am glad to do so!

Thank you for caring and writing about this matter. I share your concerns and agree with you 100%!

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